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|Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut| Empty |Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut|

Post by Thevision™ on Tue Mar 29, 2011 6:59 pm


Well, as many people know, people get hacked every day, and just about %50(Or more) people online are scammers. Its just the way it is! I mean they don't have to face you and lie to you, its real easy to say things over text. So, whether you think, its a threat to your account or not, It possible could be! In this tutorial, I will be showing you some good ways to keep your account safe, but also keeping your computer safe.

Table of Contents

**Software/Programs you might want to consider
**Holy sh*t I think I'm infected
**Now time to clean your computer
**The usual scams, and spreading of viruses. Watch out!(Must Read)!
**Account Safety, for runescape

Software/Programs you might want to consider

These are some programs I will be using in my tutorial.

First off, a great program to use if you are suspicious about a program you just downloaded.
Sandboxie, I will be going over how to use this also, no worries.
A good or decent AV(Antivirus)
Spybot, search and destroy(Not necessary if you don't want to be %100 safe)

If you think you are infected read this, if not skip down.

Okay so heres the symptoms if you think you are infected.

* unexpected messages or images are suddenly displayed
* unusual sounds or music played at random
* your CD-ROM drive mysteriously opens and closes
* programs suddenly start on your computer
* you receive notification from your firewall that some applications have attempted to connect to the Internet, although you did not initiate this, then it is very likely that your computer has been infected by a virus.
* Task manager is disabled

Holy sh*t I think I'm infected

No worries this can be solved with a few steps simple steps.

First step, Re-enabling task manager. Maybe one of the easiest steps since I am going to basically do it for you.

Step 1: Copy and paste this into a text file and save it as anything.reg to your desktop
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
“DisableTaskMgr”  =dword:00000000

After you've done that, run the .reg file and it will fix it!
DONE! santa That should enable task manager.

Step dos: Taking the virus off startup, its usually pretty easy to spot.

First step: Go to start>run>msconfig>startup tab.

Step two: Now we find the virus, it will usually just have a random name with .exe. If you dont know the name of the program, take it off.

Step three: Bookmark this page, and restart.


Now time to clean your computer

Now the easy part, just downloading and cleaning Smile

First we go download CCleaner, Ill go ahead and post the website to download from here

Then we run that, let it finish then we want to scan with your AV, if you don't have one just -.- Go download one theres free ones!

Now we download Spybot search and destroy, remember not all AV's pick up malware, this thing does! So go download it, here
Thats basically all you need to do in the cleaning part. Now you are virus free, congrats!

The usual scams, and spreading of viruses. Watch out!

The first method I will be going over(Remember this is not a hacking tutorial, so do not ask me how to do this method) This method is the most common method used for Runescape hacking. Its brutal, and most people that don't have any computer knowledge, fall for this.)

So lets go over the scenario, lets say you meet a "Girl" Character at house parties, in world 31, you start chatting and after awhile she says something as like "Hey, I just uploaded some pics to a site, wanna see them? We can trade pics" or "Hey I have my cam up on this site, wanna chat with me?" Just say NO, the reason why? Here we go.

Theres such things, as hackers call, java-driveby's, I believe. Well Mr., WHAT IS A JAVA-DRIVEBY? Well heres some pics to maybe explain a little bit better, the legit website and the not so legit websites.

This website, is a fake website, that if you click "Run" It will download a virus onto your computer. Click this whitebar for the pic. Watch out >.>
|Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut| Java

Now you will be able to tell when a website is fake or real because it will, number one, be verified and it will have a better name then this site does, be careful with the "friendly girls on runescape that want to chat" Not so friendly imo.

This is the most common way to hack on runescape, so just be careful, but there is one more successful way, usually. Fake YouTube Videos, they can kill. Here is one that is totally fake, it is advertising a "Runescape DDOSer" that will not work so I am posting the link, but for the love of my sanity don't download the link in the description. I know its tempting but its fake.

Now all of those comments are fake, and if you go scan that file at you will see it is MAJORLY infected. Don't believe that bs like, "Oh its a hacking tool, the anti-viruses will say its a virus." Just don't do it. These are the most two common ways to get hacked on runescape, I promise you, its real hard to "Hack into the Jagex's database and receive your password" So, if you think that is why you got hacked you're wrong.


Okay so one of my favorite programs right now is called sandboxie, if you have a questionable program that is from an unverified publisher, then sandboxie is the way to go. Even if you run the program, the virus will not be installed on to your computer and you are SAFE. Luckily Smile

Here is the download for sadboxie, Ill be showing you how to run it sandboxie if you can't figure it out on your own.

All you need to do is after you install sandboxie on your computer, is make sure it is running in the background. Now you go find the program you want to run sandboxie, you right click on it and there should be an option "Run Sandboxed" as in this picture below

|Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut| SandboxMenu

Now after you run it sandboxie, if it is a virus and doesn't work you need to terminate it because the virus is still technically on your computer, it just didn't install its self, so all you have to do now is go terminate it from your sandbox, which you do like this.

Right click on the program you want to end, it should say, "terminate program" Click this and you're done.

|Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut| MainWindow

Now you know how to use sandboxie, I am basically done with programs.

Account Safety, for runescape

Most of this stuff will be common sense, so I'll go ahead and say it for the people that don't already have this/do this.

*Having a Runescape Bank Pin
*Banking all of your stuff into a bank when you log off.
*Keeping your Private on "Friends"
*Don't trust anyone, on runescape to "Trade Accounts"
*Don't make your password guessable. (E.I. Football32)

If you have any questions about those, contact me im not going to put the reasoning behind those, its common sense. This is basically my guide on not getting hacked. I will post one later on obvious things scammers do to scam you(Goldsellers)

This is all for now!

Very Happy

Took me ages to do this tut, don't flame. Smile Thanks

And if you want to go post this in another forum, ask me fist, dont leech. Aslong as you give me credit I dont care!

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|Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut| Empty Re: |Tut| How not to get hacked |Tut|

Post by a s h l e y on Sat Sep 08, 2012 2:21 pm

Nice guide ! Also, don't get scammed by the dudes who use teamviewers. they can take over your comp and do bad things.
a s h l e y
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