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One Poke Ko's Questing Services

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One Poke Ko's Questing Services

Post by One Poke Ko on Sat May 28, 2011 10:28 pm

[SIZE="5"][Upgrades][RSGP]Welcome to One Poke Ko's Questing Services[Tradable RSitems]][Free/Donation][Cheap/Negotiate][/SIZE]

Link to services on Sythe:

STATUS: Taking Order

~ Payments Accepted~
RSGP/ Tradable RS items/Upgrades

~ Terms of Service ~

☆ Your's account ☆

1.You must set Recovery Question/ Email ( Your order will be declined automaticly if you don't have this requirement).
2.You must have the stats and the requiremenst for the quests ( Items is optional if you want me to buy it for you).
3. I will not be responsible if you receive infractions/ban/mute/hack.
4.You must have bank pin set to sercure your Items or simply transfer it to another accounts ( Optional ).
5.You must change the password after the order is done no matter what.
6.You cannot change your password or use another services when I'm off and still doing your order.
7.Log in durring order when I'm off is allowed but you must return the account last location and with the items in the inventory and with the equipments wielded.
8. I will need to use bank if the quest is require.

☆ Payment ☆

1. You cannot change the PRICE we have done Negotiate.
2. You will be refunded if I choose to cancel your order for any circumstance. ( Die during quest, away for holiday, close services).
3.You will not be get REFUND if you choose to cancel the order and no longer want me to do it for many reason ( Using another services that is cheaper, do it faster).

RSGP- You must pay the 40% deposit of the price to me before the order is start and pay the 60% of the price after the order is finished.
RS items- I don't accept items consider as junks for RS items payment. All RS items must be tradable and not junks.
Upgrades- You will pay me a deposit at least 2-5m before the order. After the order is finish you will give me the PINS or TEAMVIEWER me and get me upgrades. After that you will be giving back your 2-5m deposit.

☆ Contact ☆

1. Be aware of IMPOSTER my only contacts is:
Yahoo Messenger:
Skype: One_Poke_Ko

No other Domain as, ,etc.......

Order Forms: (Please post this on this Thread before adding me on MSN)

Quest Need to Complete :
Quest Difficulty ( Use Google if don't know ) :
How much will you pay for the Quest to be complete :
Do you have the Items:
Do you have the Stats:
Will you Vouch :
Agree to our TOS:
Contacts ( Skype, MSN,AIM,Yahoo):
Other Information :

Free to Play's Quests

Dragon Slayer - 400k (Negotiable )
The Blood Pact - Free
Doric's Quest - Free
Gunnar's Ground - (Post on thread)
Rune Mysteries - Free
Shield of Arrav - Negotiable (Post on thread)
Swept Away - Negotiable (Post on thread)

Other Free to Pay's Quests please post ( Will add more quests soon)

Pay to Play's Quests

Lunar Diplomacy - 800k (Negotiable)
Elemental Workshop I - (Negotiable)
Elemental Workshop II - (Negotiable)
Lumbridge Sage - 100k
Troll Stronghold - 400k

Other Pay to Play's Quests please post ( Will accept quests that not include much combat ) (Will add more quests soon)

Awaiting Order:
In Progress Order:

One Poke Ko

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Re: One Poke Ko's Questing Services

Post by One Poke Ko on Sat Jul 23, 2011 6:18 am

Bump =)

One Poke Ko

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